Monday, April 11, 2011

Brawler Bash IV

To start off, what a great event.  I'm not a regular on the Indy GT circuit,  in fact this was my first decent sized tournament.  But what a way to kick things off!  We had an outstanding range of almost 40 players from newbies to crusty veterans.  The painting standard was excellent with only 2 armies participating that were not fully painted.  I really can't say enough nice things about the tournament staff.  It was like a well organized machine with timely results, consistent judgment, all wrapped up in southern hospitality.  What more could you ask for?

I was fortunate to get my teeth kicked in by Mr. Brawler Bash himself on Friday.  In all fairness, I had the arrogant Brets on the ropes only to over extend myself and set myself up for the knock out punch.  So much for bringing a soft Dwarf list.

Here are a few stylish musings of Mr. Andrew Weber whose painting skills are only outclassed by his gentlemanly generalship.  He had a string of bad luck with animosity which was only compounded by grudging the Warhammer legend himself in round one.


Finally, here are a few shots of Ken Stubb's fantastic Warriors of Chaos.

"My Dad goes to the Brawler Bash and all he brought back was a box of stinking Orcs!"


Kuffeh said...

Those are some nice armies. I really like the giant the huge spider unit, that is a big filler. But it looks awesome.

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