Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adepticon 2011

Adepticon is OVER! I had an amazing weekend with lots of new and old friends. I appreciate everyone who recognized me and said hello, it was mind blowing. I was glad I was able to meet all of my favorite podcasters from Podhammer, Garagehammer, Point Hammered, Waaagh! Cast, and Bro Hammer. Especially Garage Hammer because I had a great time hanging out with them during the weekend. I was glad I got to meet so many names I see on forums every day. I spent most of my other non-gaming time starting trouble with the Dark Future Games crew after trying to win their battle force contest... and somehow I was offered a spot on their contributing roster of blogger. I must have gotten someone very inebriated. Look for me on their blog roll soon.

As far as games went, I will be posting tournament reports for both days of marathon Warhammering asap (probably Tuesday). Until then, take a look at my Twitter feed for all kinds of Adepticon coverage, and head over to Rankings HQ TV to watch their day 2 video (when they post it), where I was interviewed at the Warhammer Championships on camera!


jollyboy42 said...

It was good to meet you also. Hopefully we will run into each other at some other tournies soon.

Rhellion said...

I will be at Bloof in the Sun for sure if you can make it!

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