Saturday, March 5, 2011


Things are moving right along on my new 14 Hammerers.  Essentially, they guys will become the new 1.5 ranks for a 30 many horde unit.   Since these Hammerers will be judged at the Brawler Bash I figured I would spend a little more time on them. 

Thursday night I got the mettalics layed down on the Hammerers.

Friday I got the most of the base colors on, First Devlan Mud wash and first layer of highlights.  I've also started on the beards.

I wanted to mention the eyes as my method is a little different.  I paint the eyes by painting a dark oval in the center of the eye socket.  This is followed by two tiny dots of white to give the impression of a pupil.  I find this technique is a lot easier than trying to actually paint in a pupil (models end up looking with a crazy stare!).  This time I painted the oval with Charred Brown and used Ivory for the sclera (white part of the eye).  I like the results.

Still a long ways to go - but progress is progress. 

Finally, lest I get called a slacker I got 5 more miners assembled from the bits I got off Ebay.  Also, check out these bags of coolness I got in the mail yesterday!!!


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