Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miner goodness

Serious effort over the last few days and I finished with the 20 man unit of miners.  Not going to win a Golden Demon, but I'm really comfortable with how they turned out.  As these guys have much more skin showing I changed up the way I did the skin.  I base coated with Dwarf flesh and layered on Elf Flesh and Pale Flesh.  Rather than given them a heavy Devlan Mud wash I watered down the wah substantially, 3 to 1 water to wash. Where needed I gave it a second wash.  It a much more subltle shading that what I've previously used.  Also, I'm over the moon with how the wood beams came out.  I captured the aged look that I was going for.  Now I just have to clear coat them and stick magnest on their bases.  Here are the pix, enjoy.


Tom McClure said...

The orange beards really tie the army together. Way to go on the candles and flames! Looks fantastic. The wood and metal shading is just perfect. Again, congrats on creating my personal favorite dwarf unit ever!

retroalias said...

Thanks Tom, you are very kind. Hopefully the unit won't get crushed at Brawler Bash. The army got judged soft - not sure if that bears well or not.

All Dwarfs in the army have ginger hair except the long beards. I'm still working on the fluff but basically the army is a mining guild clan based out of Karak Kadrin (hence the orange beards) who guard Peak Pass.

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