Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flame On

 Here is the first of the long over due updates.  I can promise you that I've been very busy as its now less than 2 weeks until the Brawler Bash.  

Flames figure prominently in my Army of Peak Pass.  It is especially true on the miners with all of their candles.  So I've had to figure out a quick way to do them.  So here is how I go about painting flames. 

Here is the color pallet I use for the large scale flames - like on a brazier.  The black and grey are used to paint any visible coals at the bottom of the brazier.  Look at a fire - lighter colors are at the center. So I paint from light to dark, with white being at the center, lowest part of the flame and blood red at the tip of the flame.  If I'm doing smaller scale flames like candles I will typically drop one of yellows and one of the oranges.
I love the Vallejo paints, but GW would also work.

Coals are painted black.  Flame painted a neutral color to cover up the black primer.

Coals drybrushed with gray followed by a light drybrush of white.  Flame given a basecoat of white.

Flame painted yellow, leave a little white showing.

Flame painted orange.  Again notice that the white and yellow are still showing.

Finally a little red is added to the tip.

Wish I had some orange ink, but I settled for what I had.

Flame is washed with Gryphonne Sepia

Here is what the flame looks like when done.

Another shot of the flame

Pix of the standard bearer.

In the end I like how it turned out given that it only took about 10 minutes to get the colors on when using a hair dryer between layers.  


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