Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Army of Peak Pass

Brawler Bash is right around the corner and I've been very busy of late.  I'm still struggling on what to take.  I did start working on my army's fluff, the Army of Peak Pass.  Based out of Karak Kadrin, hence the ginger beards, this clan's mission is to keep the pass clear.  More on that later once it is fleshed out.  Right now let's get into what I've been painting.  First up is I finished clear coating the 14 Hammerers.  Now I just need to do their bases.

As I mentioned, I got the 24 quarrelers built and 5 additional miners.

Here is the first 3 steps that I use to paint all my Dwarfs.  After priming, I give the model a wash in Chaos Black to get everything nice and dark.  BTW - I LOVE using gloves when doing this kind of painting.

Next the model gets a heavy dry brush of Tin Bitz

Next up is a Brazzen Brass dry brush.

I've got the 24 quarrelers almost done.  I even broke down and painted in all of the eyes.  All I have left is the beards (which will take some time) and some other finishing touches like the beer!  When they are done I will take some up close pix.  This will have to do for now.

The miner units was a bit of a bear to get together and even hardener to reassemble if the models get jumbled.  I added some designations to their bases to know how they form the unit.

Since I have so much free time I figured I would assemble yet another cannon.  The ideas was to give the cannon an entrenched look on a 50mm base.  Then I will build a large decorative base for display that would have a slot for each of the 4 bases to fit into.  The cannon base came out ok, not sure I will use it.  The crew conversions are looking pretty good, though they are not entirely finished.

I've also working on my Empire table for Brawler Bash and I've just started planning my Khemri table for Mid West Rampage.  As a start I've ordered some of the Pegasus Hobbies palm trees to use as part of the forest.

Since the first 4 KoW box sets were not quite enough undead I picked up and additional 3 starter sets.  Hard to turn your back on these sets, the price comes out to less than $.4 per model.  Thanks go to the SoCal Halfling that split the boxes with me.  This puts the army over 500 models.
BTW - the wraith models are amazing. 

Finally, I've found another great podcast - Blunt Force Gamer.  I finished listening to their back catalog of 6 episodes.  One guy is doing 40K and the other is doing Fantasy.  They have a different take on it since they are both just getting into the their respective games.  I'm really looking forward to seeing where they take it.

That is all I have to say about that.


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