Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 'Ard Boyz scenarios

This year's 'Ard Boyz scenarios have been released, and I have to say, this one is going to be bloody. With 2 of the 3 scenarios being Meeting Engagements, I am REALLY thinking about taking the Orcs and getting stuck into it FAST.

Scenario 1. "Eyz Don't See So Good!" Meeting Engagement. The scenario special rules limit all range to the distance rolled on an artillery die x3.

Scenario 2. "Da Blood Soaked Choppa". Battle line. One unit gets buffed with +1 Strength and Attack, but gives up extra battle points.

Scenario 3. "The End Times". Meeting Engagement. A table is rolled on every turn that can decimate units by dealing d6 wounds to every unit on the table. Other results include game-wide frenzy, movement restriction, shooting restriction, automatic channeling, and buffed generals.

All three scenarios really look to be great for Orcs and Goblins, though I would probably have to limit my Rare choices and really maximize on blocks of troops. The third scenario would hurt Mangler Squigs and Pump Wagons, but bith Meeting Engagements mean for fast and bloody combat. A large unit of Black Orcs buffed with the Blood Soaked Choppa? Yes please.

On the contrary, if I choose Skaven I see myself taking 3 Hell Pit Abominations. Meeting Engagements mean getting them stuck in quickly, and penalties to shooting and gun lines all over the place increase survivability. I am only worried about them taking wounds in the third scenario, but that would happen to the Orc monsters as well.

This is going to be fun!


Faolain said...

How would you write up a Skaven list for these? I certainly agree on the extra HPA. I don't like how the lightning strike ignores even ward saves, isn't that the point of a ward save, to protect against things that ignore physical armor?

Rhellion said...

I am thinking of lots of large targets and point denial. Bell, Furnace, 3 Aboms. I wrote my list but it is still in the planning stages.

Rhellion said...

Lots of warlock engineers as redirectors. Only one unit of gutter runners surprisingly. 30 stormvermin for the second scenario, 30 clan rats as a character unit, 40 slaves, 40 slaves, 40 slaves with shields.

Mick said...

I can see why Skaven can win your tournaments if 3 Aboms is allowed :D

In Denmark you would gimp your army to much if you bring more than one. Thats 3000 pts.

Rhellion said...

Go ahead and check the links to see what 'Ard Boyz actually is. 3000 points of no comp, and Grand Armies are allowed. As in... 6 cannons, 6 grudge throwers, and 4 organ guns allowed in a Dwarf list. Teclis and Kairos being allowed. It can bring out all of the toughest and nastiest combinations possible.

Esco Thomson said...

I was just telling my team mate that I see O&G being very viable to take it this year. Skaven are still a great pick, as you can bring just as much hurt.

polybus said...

Only core units for the blood soaked choppa. Huge unit of Savage Orc Biguns ftw!

Rhellion said...

Good catch! I have been leaning towards Skaven for 'Ard Boyz, so it looks like Storm Vermin will have my Blood Soaked Choppa.

polybus said...

Yeah, me too. I don't know what I would do against a Savage Orc unit like that though. I guess I would have to try to feed it slaves and redirectors and avoid it.

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