Monday, February 14, 2011

Orcs & Goblins and Movement Trays

I spent the bulk of last Saturday at the Memphis Battle bunker pouring over the new Orc and Goblins book.  First, let me say it's fantastic and I genuinely think GW has outdid themselves.  The only thing that I'm not sure about is the inclusion of only 8 magic items.  It feels a bit lazy and a great opportunity lost.  But I suppose GW figures with so many common magic items available in the BRB each army does not need as many army specific items.  The new giant spider model is AMAZING.  Head in to your local GW and check out for yourself.

With the army book release right around the corner I've been busy getting the army ready for the table.  I've never actually played OnG, so March should prove interesting time for me.  One small project that I started this weekend was the movement trays.  As I didn't want to make custom wood trays as I did for my Tomb Kings I decided to go with modular plastic trays from GW.  It's fairly cheap and more importantly faster.  I have no idea of how many packages I went through but I have around 40 trays of varying sizes for both 20mm and 25m bases.  I think the 40 trays have enough variety to let me field just about any combination of units in a standard sized game.   Here is how I'm getting them to the table.
  1. Assemble the trays.  No edge on the back of the tray unless it can be used in 2 directions. 
  2. Applied sand to the edge of the trays with PVA glue
  3. Locked down the sand with watered down PVA
  4. White spray primer (Krylon)
  5. Black spray paint (Krylon)
  6. Brushed on base coat of Storm Gray (Delta Ceramcoat)
  7. Dry brush Hippo Gray (color subject to change)
  8. Light dry brush with Quaker Gray (color subject to change)
  9. Clear coat paint job (Krylon Flat Coat)
  10. Add static grass to add interest.
  11. Glue steel inserts into the tray.  Gives the magnets in teh bases something to grab onto.
Here they are after the Storm Gray base coat applied.


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