Thursday, February 10, 2011

Orcs and Goblins

Having nearly finished a fairly large OnG army I was given the opportunity to significantly pad it's ranks through the acquisition really large, mostly painted, army.  Without going into too much detail there are 60 Goblin Wolf Riders and 15 trolls!  However, what really sold me was a opportunity to add several units that I didn't already have like a Wyvern and Savage Orcs.  Package arrived last week and I've been fervently assessing the models and determining the best way to blend them into my army.  Some of the paint jobs are pretty good and just need a little TOC.  Some units I will simply use as is - case in point the Savage
Others I'm touching up some of the chips and using a Devlan Mud was to tie it into my army - like the 9 Stone Trolls.  There are also some paint jobs that are too far gone to resurrect.  For these I will strip and repaint them.  I will eventually re base all the new recruits so it matches my existing army. 
The already loaded paint table is about to be overloaded.

 Here are the Stone Trolls after I touched up the paint chips and then gave them a heavy wash of Devlan Mud.

Here are a couple of shots of some cool vintage models.  I dig the old Black Orcs, but I'm not entirely sure on the old River Trolls.

To be clear, this new acquisition will not stop me from adding the new OnG models coming out next month.  Can't wait to see what the giant spider does on the table! 


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