Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today I got busy and got a really great jump on my miners. My Dwarf Army only actually has a few conversions, so I figured it was high time to add some creative flair to the ranks.  I'm currently assembling 10 GW multi part miners, including full command.  For the Brawler Bash I'm leaning to running 15 miners.  So I either have to pick a few more up or just use my Battle for Skull Pass miners, which are already painted, in the back rank.  I guess we will see how fast I finish the other e projects. 

First up is the Standard Bearer.  I went for a simple, understated standard.  Not entirely sold, need to see if it grows on me. 

Next up is the Prospector with Steam Drill.  The drill that comes in the kit is uninspired.  So this is my take on what a Steam Drill should like like!  I'm really happy how it came out.  I still have to finish extending the other handle on the other side of the drill that connects to the right arm. 

Using such a tool means that the Prospector must have a some sort of protection for his face and eyes!  Also since I gave all of the regular guys helmets that at least partially mask their face I want the Prospector to fit in with the unit. So I carved away the original face and sculpted something a bit different.  I was attempting sort of strap on ornamental mask in the shape of a Dwarf face.  I still have to add the straps that will wrap around the helmet to keep it in place. It's a little more Kabuki then I would have liked, but I'm still very happy with the result.

Next up is one of the most important troopers in the unit.  He is charged with carrying the back up  for the Prospectors Steam Drill.  I don't like how the plastic strapping looks so I'm going to sculpt some out of green stuff. 

All for now, I will have a few more pix later this week.


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