Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gaming Table & Terrain

Sometimes it seems like I never actually finish a project before 3 more pop up!  One of my current projects is to finish my gaming table.  My goal is to create a small human town that you would find on the fringe of the Empire.  It's ironic since I don't have an Empire army.  I guess it's all the Black Library stuff I've been reading of late.  I've used the Realm of Battle and the bulk of the terrain is the plastic GW stuff.  I will post some pix of how it is progressing but today I wanted to focus on my newest addition.  I was searching for something to give the table a little punch and to separate it from every GW fanboy table in the US.  A while back I found these resin buildings from Germany.  A really admired them, but unfortunately, they were unavailable for sometime.  Late 2010 they were made available again and I finally ordered a building along with some barricades with the intention if all goes well getting a few buildings in the future to round out the village.

I received the package last week and here are some photos after I had at them with soap and toothbrush.  The detail on this is amazing.  Completely model inside and out.  Much crisper and more refined then the few resin models I've worked with in the past, like the wares from Armor Cast.  I must admit, there is TON of parts to make this 3 story house.  I will post some pix of how I get on.


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