Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Impressions of Mold making Oyumaru

So this material is the hype of the Internet right now, it turns out the hype was correct. For those that don't know this is a reusable mold making material.  You dunk it in hot water, form the material around your object, dunk it in ice water and then split the mold.  Voila, you have a mold.

Last night I made some green stuff version of some plastic shields I assembled out of various bit.  Here is the pic of me dunking the stick into a cup of boiling water that I nuked in the microwave.

 Here is what it looks like coming out of the hot bath.

After wrapping the object in the material I cooled it in an ice bath then cut out the mold.  Here is what the final mold looked like with a couple of the green stuff shields.  The beauty is the material is reusable by throwing it back in the hot water.  I was able to make 4 small molds out of a single stick.

A couple of tips I picked up from my first try last night. 

  • Work in a clean area or you run the risk of getting crap (dirt, hair, etc) in the material which is impossible to remove.
  • When cutting the mold apart cut a notch into one side so you can tell how tho parts go together.  
  • Better to have more green stuff in the mold rather than not enough.
  • After you put the green stuff in the mold let the green stuff harden before you remove it from the mold.
More details to follow once I've had more chances to play with it. 


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