Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to the Bone...

Interspersed with the High Elves and the Mantic VC I found a little time to finish up a few Tomb King models I had sitting around for a while.  As most of you know I have a fairly large TK army.  At this point I try to find interesting conversions to add some spice and color to an otherwise sea of bone.  First up is a Tomb Scorpion.  Just a real simple conversion that makes it look like it is coming out of the ground.  Really interesting to paint up because as I compared it to my original Tomb Scorpions from years ago and it was obvious my painting style has changed drastically.  Before was bone base coat - brown ink - highlight and cleanup with bone and white.  Now, I have 2 different methods.  For small, non important bone I base coat snakebite leather and layer bubonic brown followed by bleached bone.  Finally wash with devlan mud.  For prominent areas (like on the Tomb Scorpion) I paint a bone bone base coat, wash with Devlan Mud.  Then I build up the color using glazes of bone, white and Vallejo Medium.  It gives a really interesting depth of color that better replicates the non uniform look of real bone.  By the way, have I mentoniond how much I hate putting this model together?

Next up is a couple of conversions for Heavy Cavalry.  Horses are stock (yes I know they suck) and the riders are plastic Empire pistoleers converted to look dead.  All I did was add a skull, skeleton arms and a Tomb King shield. Came out pretty nice and look great in the front rank of a big block of heavy cavalry.


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