Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Island of Blood Sword Master Conversion

Since we are all stuck with several extra IOB Sword Master command models I've been looking for a way to convert some of them into extra troopers.  Here is a simple conversion for using the champion and the standard bearer to create a new trooper.

Cut off the champion's sword just above hand.  Take the standard and remove the banner and pole above and below the hands.  Glue what's left of the champions sword (recommend pinning it) to the top of the standard bearer hands. Cut off the bottom of a White Lions axe (could use just about any extra bit).  Glue this piece to below the standard bearer hands as the pommel of the sword.  Finally glue the push fit hands/arm to the standard bearer body.

Here are a few pictures that detail it a little further.

Materials Needed
Back of Assembled Sword/Hands/Arm
Front of Assembled Sword/Hands/Arm
Finished Conversion


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