Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beat this list.

At least I am hoping this is a list to beat, because I am planning on taking it next weekend. Have a look and let me know what you think. It is nasty, that is for sure, but I'm hoping it also has an answer for everything so long as I don't screw up my chances to use those answers! Scenarios aren't released yet, but this is otherwise my final list unless there are drastic scenarios. I may try to get a game in with it this weekend or next Tuesday, but next Thursday night my models will be packed and I will be driving to Chicago on Friday! If anyone else will be there, shoot me an email.

3000 point 'Ard Boyz Skaven

305 Grey Seer (G), lvl 4: ruin and plague, talisman of preservation, warp energy condenser
305 Grey Seer, lvl 4: plague and ruin, power scroll, foul pendant

280 Plague Priest, lvl 1: plague, plague furnace, ironcurse icon, dispel scroll
100 Chieftain, bsb, talisman of endurance
065 Warlock Engineer, brass orb
045 Warlock Engineer, obsidian amulet
045 Warlock Engineer, doomrocket

285 30 Storm Vermin, full command, storm banner
155 30 Clan Rats, full command, shields
155 30 Clan Rats, full command, shields
092 45 Slaves, musician
092 45 Slaves, musician

245 30 Plague Monks, full command, banner of eternal flame
090 5 Gutter Runners, slings, poisoned attacks
090 5 Gutter Runners, slings, poisoned attacks

235 Hell Pit Abomination
235 Hell Pit Abomination
090 Warp Lightning Cannon
090 Warp Lightning Cannon


20% Lord - 610
18% Hero - 535
26% Core - 779
14% Spec - 425
22% Rare - 650


Nikephoros said...

It looks very strong. The only thing that I would be confidant beating it with would be Dwarves, but even then the Gutter Runners will help a lot. Dwarves combine enough anti-magic to shut you down and the artillery to beat you up, plus they are the one army that doesn't fear HPA at all.

I can't see anyone really beating you in a game that isn't at least closely fought and coming down to a few dice rolls. Dwarves maybe because they can have a nutso first two turns where they kill 1/2 of your army before you inflict a single casualty, storm banner or not. But there is no way an infantry based combat army is going to blow you off the board.

Mike Howell said...

I have a few questions, more to help my own play than to add any useful critique I'm afraid...

I assume the purpose of the WE with the Obsidian amulet will be to add magic protection to a unit, but where are you planning on putting him?

Is the ironcurse icon to protect the plague priest from his own furnace?

How do you approach spell choice with two seers in the list? I know you will take the 13th on both, but do you take Skitterleap as well to make sure you get those suicide engineers in position?

Why flaming attacks for the monks? To stop regeneration? To better attack garrisoned units?

I questioned the small units of gutter runners (as opposed to one large unit) until I did the math. A unit of 5 can take 2 wounds before requiring a panic test. A unit of 10 can take 3 wounds before requiring a panic test. Therefore two unit of five require *more* wounds to panic than a unit of ten would. Was that the purpose, or just the added versatility of having two units?

Good luck!

Rhellion said...

I did get to playtest a game vs Thorek Dwarves and did play well against them. It did well enough to be confident in my Dwarf 'Ard Boyz style knowledge. And the Hell Pit tears through Dwarves just like any other army, he is an equal opportunity demolisher when rolling 'Avalanche of Flesh'. Honestly, my toughest opponent throughout all of my playtesting has been Lizardmen.

Rhellion said...

Mike, will you be at the finals?

The WE with MR will most definitely be deployed with one of the Grey Seers for magic resistance in Clan Rats (probably the General). If I am facing an army that has Dwellers or Gateway I will split up my characters, but if not I will also have my BSB and possibly the second Grey Seer in a unit (especially if facing Death).

The ironcurse icon will give the entire unit and the plague furnace a tiny save against war machines. A 6+ vs a cannonball is better than nothing. The flaming attacks are the same. Yes the monks with flaming attacks are nice, but the plague furnace wrecking ball with flaming attacks is really great vs large regenerating monsters.

I generally take Plague spells and the 13th spell on my suicide Seer. I then generally take Ruin and the 13th Spell on my General. I made the mistake of loading up on Ruin in my practice game vs DElfs, but my usual tactic is that above. I about guarantee Plague or Wither on one, and Scorch or Crack's on the other. Often I get all 4 spells with the spell rolling rules and duplicates.

More units for versatility with the Gutter Runners, yes. I would have 3 units of 5, but I decided on another Warp Lightning Cannon instead for mass destruction. Being able to possibly destroy 2 war machines per turn with the 2 squads is great, and outweighs longevity of the unit for me.

Sylvos said...

Rhellion, good list! My only question is why are you taking two Grey Seers instead of 1 Grey Seer and a Screaming Bell? Using the left over points to field another unit of Slaves or what not?
Big fan of the Gutter Runners btw, not many take them at all.

Rhellion said...

I have been drafting lists with the Bell in it actually, but still with 2 Grey Seers! And yes, Gutter Runners are excellent if you use them to their potential. They are on of the best units in the Skaven army. Check out a previous post for my top 5. ;)

Torpored said...

Mission for round 3 are up. You may want to drop the cannons or you'll have to hope they blow up (or move them) to get all the bonus points for all misisons.

Rhellion said...

It would be pretty easy to put them in the front of the deployment zone and lose the last round of shooting to move them for the battle point.The army list that I wrote up after another test game only has a few differences from this one, but I think it will match the scenarios well.

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