Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Caller

I won't often, if ever have 2 Hell Pit Abominations. But for 'Ard Boyz I am thinking about running two of them, so I needed a second HPA. I decided to go with The Caller's giant rat-thing mount from Necromunda. This thing is truly a foul beast, and looks like it fights right in with the other horrible experiments of Clan Moulder. Here are the work in progress shots. I need to go back and do some highlighting, and I need to finish up his base.


Sigmar said...

What a superb model, I haven't seen that one before. In fact I've never really looked round GW's other ranges - thanks for the idea !

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Jason said...

I've always loved that model.

Nice to see it used for something cool.

Mr.Esty said...

Love that model.
Definitely belongs in a skaven army, and a HPA is perfect for it.

Christopher said...

I love the glow around the eye's very cool stuff, and it adds to the "undead/hell pit" feel.


Rhellion said...

Yeah I wanted to make it seem like the Hell Pit Abomination has big chunks of Warpstone infused into its head as its eyes!

I washed the area with thrakka green, then layered over with a base dark green and dry-brushed lighter shades up to scorpion green.

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