Saturday, August 28, 2010

'Ard Boyz results

Game 1 - Tomb Kings

I was able to use Gutter Runners to take out one screaming skull catapult. The 13th Spell took out his elite Skeletons. Not completely, but enough for them to be a non-factor during the game. The Hellpits did tear through the army. It was my first time playing against Tomb Kings, so the magic was interesting to counter. I won 24-0 on battle points.

Game 2 - Vampire Counts

Mark had a VERY aggressive l;ist. He was basically all ghouls and the entire army got a vanguard move. First turn I used Plague, Scorch, and Vermintide to lower the model count of his ghoul unit who also had the Vampire Lord, then hit the unit with the 13th Spell and took out the Lord. Even with his army crumbling around him he hit me hard with the fast line, and the Black Knights with the regen banner were a huge thorn in my side throughout the game. I squeek out the win 16-8 battle points.

Game 3 - Warriors of Chaos

A very Warrior heavy list, he had some key units in reserve because of the scenario while I only lost a unit of gutter runner and a naked Warlock. First turn, hit the Chaos Warrior unit with the general in it with Plague, and they lose 9 or so models. Then I follow up with the 13th Spell and kill every last Warrior, leaving the General standing by himself. THEN, I hit the Chaos Lord (General) in the face with the warp lightning cannon and killed him. Horrible rolls by my opponent and amazing rolls by me, and I take the game 23-0 battle points, and win the 'Ard Boyz 2010 Preliminary round held at Pandemonium.

Here was my list for those interested:

340 Grey Seer, talisman of preservation, dispel scroll, skalm
305 Grey Seer, foul pendant, power scroll

115 Warlock Engineer, lvl 1, doom rocket, warp-energy condenser
100 Warlock Engineer, lvl 1, forbidden rod
110 Chieftain, bsb, enchanted shield, talisman of endurance
015 Warlock Engineer
015 Warlock Engineer

285 30 Storm Vermin, full command, storm banner
170 30 Clan Rats, full command, shields, spears
155 30 Clan Rats, full command, shields
082 40 Slaves, musician
082 40 Slaves, musician
115 25 Giant Rats, 5 packmasters
115 25 Giant Rats, 5 packmasters

090 5 Gutter Runners, poisoned attacks, slings
090 5 Gutter Runners, poisoned attacks, slings
090 5 Gutter Runners, poisoned attacks, slings

250 Hell Pit Abomination, warp spikes
235 Hell Pit Abomination
150 Doomwheel
090 Warp Lightning Cannon



Behemoth said...

Grats on the solid performance.

Larry said...

Nice work! Go Ratmen!

Randroid said...

Double Abom and a Doomwheel? Glad I didn't bother showing up.

Rhellion said...

It's called 'Ard Boyz, no whining allowed! haha

Honestly I had a good draw. My practice games I hadn't been doing as well as I would have liked against Lizardmen, losing two out of three. It's all about the matchups.

Randroid said...

Not whining - there is pretty much no way any Ogre list could have taken that on is what I am saying.

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