Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Model Selection Process

So, I have been thinking about various ways to pick models. I know I have to pick something I WANT to paint, or the effort just won't happen.

I've been toying with the idea of re-painting some models I have completed for other projects by attempting to add to them to bring them to the next level.

One model in particular sticks out in my mind for this attempt. My WE Horse. A new base, re-paint the armor, mane, hooves and a fidly bit here or there and I have a very nice looking horse. One I think would look nice under the right rider.

That would be this fellar right here.

I'm taking a close look at the ogres I recently completed as well to scour possibilities.

As for new models to start with, I am considering;
Heavily Converted Dark Riders (*A borderline unit as they exit the GW established universe)
Witch Elves
Converted Executioners
(*Anyone see a theme emerging here....)
An Assasin...

Lots of ideas in my head, I need to get some test painting going.


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