Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 in Review

My big points of 2008.

I painted 9 WE miniatures for WFB (for the Midwest Rampage), some pirates and a creepy pumpkin skeleton. Low hobby output this past year for me.

Lots of tournies and awards this past year - That was very nice!
Also lots of top finishes
Northstar Tourney - 2nd Overall
*I tied for first but got beat out by BP in the end - The TO says I lost cuz I had no standards which cost me 1 point in a scenario.

Midwest Rampage - 2nd Overall
Players Choice - Adepticon Championships (45th overall - uggh)
Best Overall - May 17 CCGS RTT
Best Appearance - The Hillbilly (3rd overall)
Best Appearance - Gaska Invitational (2nd Overall)
Best Appearance - Rockcon (2nd Overall)
Best Appearance - December CCGS RTT (2nd Overall)

I probably left something out but it escapes me.

I played very few non-tourney games this past year.

I only played WE this past year and won far more games than I lost (though I did lose a few - single digits though! and a couple of draws).

My WFB-related goals for 2009
Convert and paint 1k Ogres for Adepticon
Convert and paint 2250 Dark Elves for late 09 / 10
Focus some serious attention on a few single minis for painting
competitions (Acon & Golden Demons)
Play more & play more people
Add "whatever is necessary" to my existing lizzie forces to make a
fun list to work with while I build and paint DE.
Win Best Overall at a GT(*doubtful with anything but WE, but ya gots to have goals)
Play the WE less frequently - I'm ready for something new!



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