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Rodok by Tommy

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SAGA THORSDAY - Viking Warband

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Over the last few posts I've tried to provide a quick overview of Kings of War and illuminate a few key differences it has with Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  If any of it sounds interesting I invite you to come check out the Counter Charge Podcast hosted by Mark Zielinski and yours truly.  We've dropped almost 200 episodes since we launched the podcast in 2013, so there is plenty of content available.  And while a lot has changed over the years, including a name change from Mantic Radio to Counter Charge, we are still as passionate as ever for Kings of War and the awesome people that play it.

You can find our podcast in all the usual places including our Website , YouTube or our Facebook Group.

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Building on my Kings of War (KoW) crib notes here are a few things to consider when comparing Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th edition to Kings of War 2nd edition. This list (written back in 2015) is geared towards the Warhammer Refugee but please keep in mind that Kings of War is not Warhammer lite.  While they are both massed combat games there is as much dissimilar as there is the same. In fact I chalk up the similarities to Alessio Cavatore being involved with both systems.

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