Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Wyrm Wips

More progress last night on the Dragons!   Less talk more pics!!

My Demon Prince.  Reaper bones pathfinder red dragon.  Perfect

Ask the Bastards #10

This question is from Annie:

I am a sculptor and years ago ventured into the awful world of resin casting. After realizing our fresh midwestern air didn't have a chance with this crap hanging in the air, I went back to a plaster formula I devised that works beautifully and is basically environmentally safe. Problem? It can break and chip. I now have a customer who is interested in thousands of one item which naturally I cringe at the thought of doing - (I don't have that many elf friends), and am trying to find a resin caster here in the states who could take on a job of this magnitude. 

This one is a little outside our area of expertise but we thought we'd throw it out there if any readers do know of a good resin caster in the U.S. 

If you do, comment on this post or drop Annie a line at annieslanding@gmail.com!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Screw City Progress

Why I haven't been posting, Screw City is a comin' and these minis are not going to paint themselves...
-Shiny because I've covered it with gloss to protect work while I do the other bits-

a lunch tray of special choices

Beasts of Nurgle

Nurgly Screamers

Thanks for looking. 

Skull Crushers

I'm long over due for this post.  For Waaaghpaca I chose to do a brand new Warriors army.  One of the first conversion ideas I came up with for this army was Skull Crushers riding giant lizards.  I realize it's a bit of pattern for me with the giant lizards.  What can I say, they look cool.  

Opening a can of Wyrms

After seeing The Desolation of Smaug last year I was inspired with an idea for a new project.  An army centered entirely around dragons.  Thankfully, the silly WoC army book supports such an idea.  So now, I embark on a new project using the WoC list and quite a few of my Reaper Bones models.  (*Disclaimer - No GW models will be harmed, or used, in the creation of this project)  Additionally, I had acquired some chibi models of the characters from the old D&D Cartoon from my youth.  This was my absolute favorite cartoon ever!!!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Warhammer Quest - Dungeon Tiles Completed

Warhammer Quest is back on the menu boys!

Recently I had to prep some models for a GT and once that was done work was to begin in earnest on my new fantasy army.  However, I decided I wanted to finish another project first which would give me some more practice with the Airbrush.  My WHQ base set models were done, now it was time to get the game tiles done!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 110

Here's a look at what I've been up to, as described in episode 110 of Point Hammered.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Point Hammered Episode 110 Show Notes

Episode 110 has been released. Check it out!

Main Topic
Rodge goes over how he ruined WAAAGH! Paca 2015 with his new rules.
All the rules and such have been posted on the WAAAGH!Paca web site.

Email of the Week
Filip: Trailer Park Boys are back!

Voicemail of the week
Que gives us his two cents on the proposed WAAAGH! Paca venue change!

Johnny's current book
Heretics of Dune audiobook on Audible
World War: In The Balance by Harry Turtledove on Amazon
World War: In The Balance by Harry Turtledove on audiobook

Rodge's current book
The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
This is a great explorer's tale! If you need a break from scifi or fantasy battles, this is it.

Event of the week
Conesy's Holiday Hoedown in Madison, WI

Johnny's Point Hammered History
The Point Boys go to England!

Rodge's Blog Pick
These are some awesome mockups of models going to war - the kind of stuff you usually only see in old White Dwarfs!

Rodge's current obsession(s)
Rodge tricked out his Wii with old school NES, Sega and SNES emulators. Will he paint a model ever again?

Johnny's current obsession(s)
Cosmos on Amazon
Inexplicable Universe on Amazon
Hot vs Crazy Ratio - This shit is hilarious!

Rodge's Cheapass Hidden Hobby Dollars Recap
Check out these weird greek digestive biscuits Rodge picked up.

Bastard's Sex Toy of the Month
Juli Ashton Ultra Realistic Pussy & Ass

Phone an HPB
What's the Old Coot been up to? (Besides posting on this very blog!?)
Tentacle Maker
Wrath of Kings miniatures

Question of the Month
Should WAAAGH! Paca move to new larger venue?

Let us know know your thoughts on this question, the podcast or anything else by leaving comments below or contacting us through one of the following!!

601-TRY-HPBV (601-879-4728)
@pointhammered on twitter (Johnny)
@hammered_rodge (Rodge)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Johnny's Hobby Table - Episode 109 & 110

Since I was too lazy to make a post for episode 109, I'm gonna do one for both 109 and 110 here.

So here's what I've been working on:

Up first, the next Orctonnian boar. This fella is done.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Labor Day Weekend - Rockwars Prep Tourney

Panoramic view of my basement during the tourney
Shows all 6 tables

Since Rockwars was such a unique comp system I decided that a prep tournament was in order.  My wife and child were planning on leaving for Labor Day weekend to visit in-laws so I figured this would be the perfect time to have a ton of friends over for a big tournament while getting valuable practice in.

Reviewing the size of my basement I decided that I could fit 6 tables and thus the 12 person cap was created.  I will be travelling with 3 other guys from the greater Chicago area so they were first on the invite list.  After that the invite went out to other local clubs and the result was 12 players who were excited about the comp system and for a great day of Warhammer.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Nurgle Screamers

These bad boys are about ready for paint...

Unit #1

Blood Bowl! Malekith's Mindrazors Season Champs!

Our Blood Bowl campaign just wrapped up so I thought I'd post some finished pics of my Dark Elf team.

Did I mention these were dipped?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 109

As described in episode 109 of Point Hammered, I haven't been up to much on the hobby front!

I've really just been waiting for this guy's base to arrive. Once that shows up, I can begin work on him in earnest. Other than that, I've just been dickin' around with an exalted flamer model a bit, trying to figure out what I want to do with that for Northstar.

Have I run out of hobby gas after QCR and Podge? I guess we'll see!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rockwars GT Preparation

Rockwars GT 2014 will be commencing in a little over a week on September 12-14.  For those of you who haven't heard of this tournament please take a look at it for next year and read the rules on their website here: http://rockwarsgt.com/

Due to the nature of the tournament and it's composition I had plenty of work to do to prepare!  This post is all about that preparation including new units/models and a look at the unique comp system.  Post 2 will be about a 12 man Prep Tournament that I held at my house using the Warscore program and Post 3 will be in a few weeks documenting how poorly I performed in Little Rock.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Point Hammered Episode 109 Show Notes

Episode 109 has been released. Check it out!

Main Topic
Loose ends! Catch up on some things that were cut from prior episodes.
What's Rodge's secret to painting all night?
How did that QCR team challenge turn out?
Didn't the Blood Bowl campaign wrap up at Rodge Hastings Podge?
How much money was raised at Podge for the WAAAGH! Paca Vacation Contest!?

Email of the Week
Jake Hansen: Do the boys paint in batches or one at a time?

Voicemail of the Week
Davy Calkins: Should the Bastard do his own music podcast?

Rodge's current book
Heretic by Bernard Cornwell
(Book three of the Grail Quest series)
This is badass historical fiction set during the Hundred Years War.
368 page paperback/ebook on Amazon 
Rodge actually recommends the one-off book Agincourt to see if you got a taste for the whole Grail Quest series.
16+ hour audiobook on Audible
 512 page paperback/ebook on Amazon

 Rodge's Music Pick
Has Rodge mistakenly been listening to genuine Swedish house music?

Event of the Week
Conesy's showdown in Madison, WI
Holy Wars GT
One of the few 6 game tourneys around! SW Chicagoland area.

Rodge's Point Hammered History
 Domus vs Rodge Challenge
Here's a few photoshops from the original challenge!

Rodge's Cheap Ass Hidden Hobby Dollars
What kind of goodies has Rodge picked up on the cheap?

Phone an HPB
We give the Nerd Apprentice a ring. Does he seem uppity since his second place Podge finish?

Rodge's current obsession(s)
Not enough people are encouraging the Bear to do this.

Johnnys current obsessions(s)
Frisky Business
New best friend: Nook eReader
Wishing hateful shyt on Home Depot for letting my credit card info get stolen.

Question of the Month
Should WAAAGH! Paca leave the Ale House?

Let us know know your thoughts on the podcast by leaving comments below or contacting us through one of the following!!

601-TRY-HPBV (601-879-4728)
@pointhammered on twitter (Johnny)
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